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There’s a lot of stuff that happens in the tech industry, something that is especially true when it comes to giants like Samsung. If you missed out on some (or all) of what happened over the weekend, well, here’s a recap of all the big things that went down.

We got the first look at what could be the Galaxy S5 mini, which is expected to go official soon. Samsung finally made the Galaxy S5 Active official, after a plethora of rumors about the extra-rugged Galaxy S5. We came across what could be the first Android Wear-based smartwatch from Samsung, and a patent application hinted that Samsung is working on a rugged version of the Galaxy Tab4 tablets. Speaking of tablets, press renders of the Galaxy Tab S also broke out ahead of the tablet’s official launch, though we didn’t see anything we didn’t know before.

In terms of software, Samsung decided to push out an update to the original Galaxy Gear to replace Android with Tizen, bringing the watch up to date with its successors, and also updated the Galaxy Note 10.1 (the original one, which debuted with Android 4.1.2) to KitKat. Meanwhile, the T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy Note 3 received an update that brought along a couple of Galaxy S5 features, including Download Booster and Kids Mode.

Oh, we also published our reviews of Samsung’s new LEVELover over-ear headphones, which we found to be worth every penny thanks to its great sound quality and value-added features, and the Gear Fit, which we conversely found not to be a very good device apart from its excellent design.

Here’s the full rundown:

As usual, a lot of devices got firmware updates as well, so here’s a list of all the updates that rolled to Samsung devices over the weekend (as always, you can find all the firmware you need in our firmware section):

Country (Product Code)ModelModel NameVersionPDA
Australia (XSA)SM-C115Galaxy K zoom4.4.2C115XXU1ANE1
Baltic (SEB)SM-V700GALAXY Gear4.2.2V700XXUBNC1
Baltic (SEB)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNE9
Belgium (Proximus) (PRO)SM-G310HNGALAXY Ace Style4.4.2G310HNXXU0ANDB
Brazil (ZTO)SM-T530GALAXY Tab4 10.1 Wi-Fi4.4.2T530XXU1ANCD
Brazil (ZTO)GT-S5303BGALAXY Y Plus4.0.4S5303BVJAMK1
Brazil (Oi) (ZTR)GT-S6313TGALAXY Young DUOS4.1.2S6313TVJANB1
Brazil (VIVO) (ZVV)SM-T211GALAXY Tab3 7.0 3G4.1.2T211UBANB1
Bulgaria (BGL)SM-V700GALAXY Gear4.2.2V700XXUBNC1
Bulgaria (BGL)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNE9
Cambodia (CAM)SM-T231GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 3G4.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
Canada (XAC)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANEB
Canada (XAC)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANE9
Cellular south (XAR)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANEB
Cellular south (XAR)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANE9
Colombia (COO)SM-T530GALAXY Tab4 10.1 Wi-Fi4.4.2T530XXU1ANCD
Croatia (T-Mobile) (CRO)SM-T535GALAXY Tab4 10.1 4G4.4.2T535XXU1AND9
Czech Republic (XEZ)SM-V700GALAXY Gear4.2.2V700XXUBNC1
Czech Republic (XEZ)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNE9
France (XEF)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANE9
Germany (DBT)GT-N8000GALAXY Note
Germany (DBT)SM-V700GALAXY Gear4.2.2V700XXUBNC1
Germany (DBT)GT-N8000GALAXY Note
Germany (DBT)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNE9
Greece (GT-P3100TSAEUR)GT-P3100GALAXY Tab 2
Greece (EUR)GT-P3100GALAXY Tab 2
Greece (EUR)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNE9
Greece (EUR)SM-V700GALAXY Gear4.2.2V700XXUBNC1
Hong Kong (TGY)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700ZSU1ANE5
Hungary (XEH)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNE9
Hungary (XEH)SM-V700GALAXY Gear4.2.2V700XXUBNC1
Hungary (T-mobile) (TMH)GT-I9506GALAXY S4 LTE-A4.3I9506XXUBNA2
Italy (ITV)SM-V700GALAXY Gear4.2.2V700XXUBNC1
Italy (ITV)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNE9
Italy (Vodafone) (OMN)SM-G310HNGALAXY Ace Style4.4.2G310HNXXU0ANDB
Kazakhstan (Black Edition)(SKZ)SM-C115Galaxy K zoom4.4.2C115XXU1BNE4
Luxembourg (LUX)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNE9
Luxembourg (LUX)SM-V700GALAXY Gear4.2.2V700XXUBNC1
Mexico (Telcel) (TCE)SM-T530GALAXY Tab4 10.1 Wi-Fi4.4.2T530XXU1ANCD
Nepal (NPL)SM-P901GALAXY NotePRO 12.2 3G4.4.2P901XXUANC4
Nepal (NPL)SM-T231GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 3G4.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
Netherlands (PHN)SM-V700GALAXY Gear4.2.2V700XXUBNC1
Netherlands (PHN)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNE9
Nordic countries (NEE)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANEB
Nordic countries (NEE)SM-V700GALAXY Gear4.2.2V700XXUBNC1
Nordic countries (NEE)SM-T235GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 LTE4.4.2T235XXU1ANE8
Nordic countries (NEE)GT-I9295GALAXY S4 Active4.4.2I9295XXUCNE4
Nordic countries (NEE)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNE9
Nordic countries (NEE)GT-I9295GALAXY S4 Active4.2.2I9295XXUBML3
Open Austria (ATO)SM-V700GALAXY Gear4.2.2V700XXUBNC1
Open Austria (ATO)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANEB
Open Austria (ATO)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNE9
Panama (TPA)SM-T530GALAXY Tab4 10.1 Wi-Fi4.4.2T530XXU1ANCD
Peru (PEO)SM-T530GALAXY Tab4 10.1 Wi-Fi4.4.2T530XXU1ANCD
Philippines (Globe) (GLB)SM-T231GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 3G4.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
Philippines (Open Line) (XTC)SM-T231GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 3G4.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
Philippines (Open Line) (XTC)GT-P1010GALAXY Tab
Philippines (Smart) (SMA)SM-T231GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 3G4.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
Philippines (Sun Cellular) (XTE)SM-T231GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 3G4.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
Poland (XEO)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANEB
Poland (XEO)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNE9
Poland (XEO)SM-V700GALAXY Gear4.2.2V700XXUBNC1
Portugal (TPH) (TPH)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNE9
Portugal (TPH) (TPH)SM-V700GALAXY Gear4.2.2V700XXUBNC1
Romania (ROM)SM-V700GALAXY Gear4.2.2V700XXUBNC1
Romania (ROM)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNE9
Russia (SER)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANEB
Slovakia (TMS)SM-T535GALAXY Tab4 10.1 4G4.4.2T535XXU1AND9
Slovakia (XSK)SM-V700GALAXY Gear4.2.2V700XXUBNC1
Slovakia (XSK)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNE9
Slovenia (SIO)SM-V700GALAXY Gear4.2.2V700XXUBNC1
Slovenia (SIO)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNE9
South Africa (XFE)SM-T231GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 3G4.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
South East Europe (SEE)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNE9
South East Europe (SEE)SM-V700GALAXY Gear4.2.2V700XXUBNC1
South Korea (SKT)SHV-E470SGALAXY S4 Active4.2.2E470SKSUANE1
Spain (PHE)SM-T230GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2T230XXU0ANE6
Spain (PHE)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNE9
Spain (PHE)SM-V700GALAXY Gear4.2.2V700XXUBNC1
Switzerland (AUT)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANE8
Switzerland (AUT)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNE9
Switzerland (AUT)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANEB
Switzerland (AUT)SM-V700GALAXY Gear4.2.2V700XXUBNC1
Taiwan (BRI)SM-N900GALAXY Note 34.4.2N900ZSUDNE3
Taiwan (BRI)SM-N900GALAXY Note 34.4.2N900ZSUDNB4
Taiwan (BRI)SM-N9005GALAXY Note 3 LTE4.4.2N9005ZTUENE2
Taiwan (BRI)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700ZSU1ANE5
Thailand (THL)SM-T231GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 3G4.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
Trinidad and Tobago (TTT)SM-T530GALAXY Tab4 10.1 Wi-Fi4.4.2T530XXU1ANCD
Trinidad and Tobago (EON)SM-T530GALAXY Tab4 10.1 Wi-Fi4.4.2T530XXU1ANCD
Tunisia (TUN)SM-T231GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 3G4.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
United Kingdom (BTU)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNE9
United Kingdom (BTU)SM-V700GALAXY Gear4.2.2V700XXUBNC1
Unknown (KTC)SM-G900KGALAXY S54.4.2G900KKTU1ANE7

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