Samsung’s next wireless earbuds that are set to succeed the Galaxy Buds Live will be hitting the shelves bearing the Galaxy Buds Pro moniker. This suggests that the company is pushing the series to another, higher level. Leaks and rumors indicate that the Galaxy Buds Pro may become the most feature-rich wireless earbuds ever created by Samsung.

Then again, the Galaxy Buds Pro are not necessarily set to replace the Buds Live six months after release. They will coexist on the market and likely to appeal to different audiences.


Although Samsung had changed the wireless earbuds design formula with the Galaxy Buds Live, the company is expected to return to its roots come early next year. This is because the Galaxy Buds Pro are said to resemble the Galaxy Buds / Buds+ series more so than the latest Live-branded model.

At the very least, industry sources indicate that even if the Galaxy Buds Pro won’t look anything like the Galaxy Buds+ on the outside, they will essentially have a similar in-ear design.

Update: A leak has given us our first look at the Galaxy Buds Pro.


The Galaxy Buds Pro charging case will have a square shape with rounded corners, similar to the Galaxy Buds Live case, and it, too, will conceal a 472mAh battery. As yet there’s no information pertaining to the battery inside the earbuds themselves, or their dimensions.


SamMobile exclusively revealed that the Galaxy Buds Pro will support Active Noise Cancellation. They will be the company’s second pair of earbuds to boast this technology after the Galaxy Buds Live, however, the new earbuds will bring improvements to both ANC and Ambient mode.

Price and Availability

The Galaxy Buds Pro will be unveiled in January 2021 when it will accompany the Galaxy S21 series on stage. Prices remain unknown but they’ll probably cost around $170, same as the Galaxy Buds Live.

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