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In case you’re having trouble with the Firmware Section or the Devices/Compare Module, please contact our Firmware Admin (Johan Nenzén).
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SamMobile Team

Name: Danny Dorresteijn
Title: Founder
Mail (business contact): [email protected]

Name: Martin Reinders
Title: Co-Founder
Mail (support contact): [email protected]
Mail (account deletions): [email protected]

Name: Patrick Dorresteijn
Title: Marketing Manager
Mail (marketing contact): [email protected]

Name: Johan Nenzén
Title: Firmware Portal Admin, Mobile App Developer
Contact (firmware/download support): Click here

Name: Daniel van Dorp
Title: Site Admin, DevOps Engineer
Mail (general support): [email protected]
Mail (premium support): [email protected]

Abhijeet Mishra
Title: Editor-In-Chief
Mail (news tips): [email protected]

Name: Adnan Farooqui
Title: Executive Editor
Mail (news tips): [email protected]



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