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  • Danny Dorresteijn

    Danny Dorresteijn
    Samsung SGH-D900

    Danny is the proud founder of His first Samsung phone was the SGH-D900, which he considers to be the best slider phone ever. He likes football (Ajax/FC Barcelona) and Formula 1 (Red Bull).

  • Martin Reinders

    Martin Reinders
    Samsung SGH-D500

    Martin is the co-founder of SamMobile. He’s a self-proclaimed “Samsung nerd”, with his love for the company starting the moment he got his hands on the D400. When the Galaxy S hit, his love turned into a full-time obsession. In his spare time, Martin loves spending time with his family (what’s more important than that?) and cooking delicious meals on the barbecue, which is usually followed by gym sessions for burning off the calories.

  • Daniel van Dorp

    Daniel van Dorp
    Site Admin
    Samsung Galaxy S II

    Daniel is a DevOps engineer who was born and raised in the Netherlands (where he still resides). He joined the SamMobile team right after Danny and Martin in 2011 and witnessed the site’s growth from 0 to nearly 10 million registered users. Outside SamMobile, he works as a Cloud System Engineer at a digital transformation company that develops a high productivity aPaaS. Most of his spare time is spent enjoying nature (and life in general) with his girlfriend, friends, and family.

  • Johan Nenzén

    Johan Nenzén
    Developer & Firmware Administrator
    Samsung Galaxy S

    Johan is the primary developer and firmware administrator at SamMobile since 2011. He lives in the beautiful country of Sweden where he enjoys a cold home brewed IPA on his porch whenever he gets the time. Johan is a tech enthusiast to the core and always thrives to know how things work. When he’s not pushing code at SamMobile, he works as lead Android developer for a popular app in Sweden. His spare time is spent with his friends and family and watching movies and TV shows.

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    Abhijeet Mishra
    Samsung SGH-D500

    Abhijeet's writing career started with custom ROM guides for Samsung devices (including the original Galaxy S), and he moved to SamMobile in mid-2013 and worked up the ranks to Editor-in-chief. His first Samsung phone was the D500, and he draws the line at blindly following a product or company (making him the biggest critic in the team). His interests include gaming, listening and singing along to music from before the 70s, and watching the occasional superhero and sci-fi movie.

  • Adnan Farooqui

    Adnan Farooqui
    Senior Executive Editor
    Samsung SGH-E900

    Adnan Farooqui is the Senior Executive Editor at SamMobile. Based in Pakistan, his interests include technology, finance, Swiss watches and Formula 1. His tendency to write long posts betrays his inclination to being a man of few words.

  • Naomi van Maasakkers

    Naomi van Maasakkers
    Graphic designer
    Samsung SGH-E350

    Naomi is the graphic designer at SamMobile (she’s the one in charge of our beautiful magazine). Her first Samsung phone was the Samsung E350 (a lady phone, as they call it), and she has stuck with the company since she got the Galaxy i7500. She plays hockey in her free time, in addition to cooking and spending time with her friends and family.

  • Damian Rawski

    Damian Rawski
    Samsung Galaxy GIO

    Damian is from Poland and joined SamMobile in 2017, making him one of our most recent members. On a daily basis, he’s a full stack developer and works for a Scandinavian media company. After work, he tries to find some time for his hobbies, which include volleyball and playing a guitar.

  • Josh Levenson

    Josh Levenson
    Samsung SGH-D600

    Josh Levenson is an avid technology enthusiast who writes news and the occasional how-to article. He's also a self-proclaimed sneakerhead and has been a (huge) fan of street food for as long as he can remember. His first Samsung phone was the D600, which launched back in 2005.

  • Rutger Verstegen

    Rutger Verstegen
    Youtube Producer
    Samsung Galaxy J5

    Rutger is SamMobile’s videographer and was born in the year the legendary Nokia 3310 came out. He’s got a passion for anything tech-related, and he currently uses a Galaxy S7, TabPro S, and Gear S2. His favorite food is German Schnitzel, and you can always send him an email regarding videography and cool gadgets.