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Samsung continued working on its successful earbuds design with the 2020 Galaxy Buds+ model. The need for wireless headphones and earbuds is on the rise as most smartphones have abandoned the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of USB-C and wireless connectivity. Samsung followed up on the original Galaxy Buds with an updated model, and the focus here was clearly on further improving the existing concept with a fair number of relatively small but meaningful additions and changes.

galaxy buds+ review


Case in point, the Galaxy Buds+ look nearly identical to the 2019 Buds model. Most design changes were made to the charging case rather than the earbuds themselves. And by ‘most,’ it’s actually just one visible change. Specifically, the L and R indicators are no longer simply printed on the case; they are now engraved in a couple of protuberances.

The Galaxy Buds+ come in five color options including black, white, blue, red, and pink. They ship with three wing tip sets, of which at least one should guarantee a comfortable fit for every user. Like the previous model, each Galaxy Buds+ earbud has a touchpad as the main input method.

The charging case measures 38.8 x 70 x 26.5mm and weighs 39.6 grams. It has two LED indicators. One LED reveals the battery charge level of the case’s internal battery, while the other LED acts as an indicator for the earbuds’ battery charge. Each earbud measures 17.5 x 22.5 x 19.2mm and weighs 6.3 grams.


Although the exterior design of the Galaxy Buds+ is similar to the predecessor, the internal hardware is quite different. This is where Samsung focused its energy the most, and it shows. The Galaxy Buds+ are equipped with 2-way dynamic speakers (a woofer and a tweeter), and three microphones (2 outer and 1 inner mic).

Samsung made great strides in improving autonomy on a single battery charge. Instead of 6 hours of play time, the Galaxy Buds+ offer 11 hours. Combined with the charging case, the Buds+ can deliver up to 22 hours of music playback without having to be recharged.

Samsung also improved charging times. The Galaxy Buds+ offer 60 minutes of playback after a mere 3-minute charge. The earbuds are equipped with an 85mAh battery each, while the charging case has a 270mAh battery.

Users can connect the earbuds via Bluetooth 5.0. Each bud is equipped with an accelerometer and IR sensors. The product relies on ACC, SBC, and Scalable Samsung proprietary codecs.

Software and Features

The Galaxy Buds+ run RTOS (Real-time operating system). They connect to Android devices such as Galaxy smartphones and tablets through the company’s Galaxy Wearable app. The app itself provides access to additional features including Ambient Sound. AS can be enabled and adjusted to let ambient noise through. In a way, it’s the opposite of noise cancellation, but don’t let that fool you. It’s actually quite useful.

And indeed, the Buds+ lack ANC, but the eartips and the overall design provide a very good fit with good passive noise cancellation. In addition, the Galaxy Wearable app offers access to a dedicated Gaming mode which minimizes latency, it comes with an equalizer, and lets users customize the functions of the Buds+ touchpads.

Other software features include Spotify integration for the said touchpads, Bixby integration for voice activation, and multi-device connectivity when using multiple Galaxy devices. The Galaxy Buds+ experience continued to improve after launch through firmware updates that addressed some white noise issues and made Ambient Sound even better.

Price and Availability

The Galaxy Buds+ were introduced in February 2020. The black, blue, and white colors are widely available, while the red and pink flavors may or may not be available in your country.

Samsung launched the Galaxy Buds+ for $149 in the USA and €169 in many European countries. The product was also bundled with the Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra pre-orders in some markets.

Downloads and Resources

Samsung will most likely continue to improve the Galaxy Buds+ even further with new firmware updates moving forward. Keep an eye on our news section to stay up to date with future developments.

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