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The Galaxy Buds+ that Samsung launched in February 2020 weren’t all that different from the Galaxy Buds, even though people had expected that it would bring significant changes. It appears that Samsung reserved those changes for an entirely new pair of wireless earbuds that it would go on to launch later in the year.

Rumors about Samsung launching a new version of the Galaxy Buds first surfaced a couple of months ago. Since then, a lot more information about the product has leaked online, including the fact that it will be called the Galaxy Buds Live.


The Galaxy Buds Live will have a completely different design compared to the Galaxy Buds+. Some of the 3D mockups (pictured here) that have surfaced so far reveal a kidney-shaped design for these wireless earbuds. The design is fundamentally different than the earlier Galaxy Buds as the earbuds won’t protrude out from the ear. The lower part would fit inside the ear canal while the back will fill the upper part of the ear.

A new case will undoubtedly be used for these earbuds, which will be offered in a variety of different colors. The exact dimensions of the case are not known at this point and it’s also unclear how much it will weigh. We can expect it to have LED indicators for the battery charge level of the case and of the earbuds.


The full technical specifications of the Galaxy Buds Live have not yet appeared online but some interesting details have surfaced. It’s said that the earbuds will have two small loudspeakers with an outside channel for improved sound.

Several integrated microphones will be present as well for phone calls and ambient noise passthrough. There’s no word as yet on the battery longevity, but reports suggest that the Galaxy Buds Live will be able to provide 11 hours of use on a single charge.

Software and Features

Samsung fans’ wish for active noise cancellation may also come true with these earbuds. One report has claimed that the Galaxy Buds Live will indeed feature active noise cancellation, a feature that even Samsung’s shareholders have started asking for.

The Galaxy Buds Live will run RTOS (Real-time operating system) like the Galaxy Buds/Buds+. It will be able to connect to both Samsung and non-Samsung Android devices through the Galaxy Wearable app. The app will provide access to features like Ambient Sound. Other software features may include multi-device connectivity, Bixby integration for voice control, and Spotify integration for the touchpads.

Price and Availability

We have exclusively revealed that the Galaxy Buds Live will be unveiled in July 2020. They will go on sale around the same time as the virtual Unpacked event for the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold 2 on August 5. Earlier reports have suggested that the Galaxy Buds Live may be priced under $150.

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