Samsung trademarks ‘Galaxy Wear’, is this the Android Wear smartwatch?

While Samsung has made clear its intentions to make Tizen the default OS of choice on its smartwatches and other wearables, the company had also confirmed earlier that it would be developing a smartwatch running Android Wear, Google’s wearables software platform that puts heavy emphasis on things like Google Now and notifications. Well, it looks like work on that watch is underway – Samsung has applied for trademarking “Galaxy Wear” at the Korean Intellectual Property Office recently, and the name certainly suggests that this watch could be the Android Wear smartwatch.

The biggest indication here is the presence of the Galaxy branding – Samsung uses that only on devices that run Android, which is exactly what the Android Wear smartwatch would run, even if it’s a stripped-down version of the OS. Unfortunately, this doesn’t bring us any closer to knowing when this Android Wear smartwatch will launch, but it should come out before the year is over.


We’re guessing Samsung won’t be advertising this one too much whenever it does launch, as it would compete against the company’s Gear smartwatches, especially since Android Wear smartwatches will work with all Android device as opposed to just Galaxy devices, so it will be interesting to see how things play out.

Well, that’s considering the Galaxy Wear really is an Android Wear smartwatch, though we have a feeling it couldn’t be anything else.

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