Galaxy Fold 2, codenamed ‘Champ,’ could feature under-display camera

Samsung is the world’s first brand to actually launch two foldable phones, and the company has no plans of backing down. We already know that it is working on the second-generation Galaxy Fold smartphone, and it appears that it could bring a critical feature to Samsung’s phones for the first time.

According to a report from Korean publication Aju News, Samsung’s second-generation Galaxy Fold is internally codenamed ‘Champ’ and it will be the company’s first smartphone with a completely bezel-less screen, devoid of any holes for the front-facing camera. It will reportedly use the under-display camera technology for the selfie camera, a first for any Samsung smartphone. The Galaxy Fold 2 could offer an even more immersive experience with its large, bezel-less screen.

Display Supply Chain Consultants’ founder Ross Young claims that the phone will feature a 7.7-inch screen on the inside. Unlike the Galaxy Z Flip, the upcoming Samsung foldable phone will be the true successor to the Galaxy Fold and could be launched in July 2020. It could be named the Galaxy Fold 2 or something different such as the Galaxy Z Fold. Its pricing is expected to be somewhere around the pricing of the $1,980 Galaxy Fold.

In spite of a few hurdles it faced with the launch of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung is unwilling to let go of its technological supremacy over its rivals in the foldable phone segment and it wants to be prepared for the rise in demand for such devices over the next few years.

Strategy Analytics expects that the sales of foldable phones will increase from a million in 2019 to 8 million units in 2020, and up to 100 million units by the year 2025.

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