Codename reveals Samsung is working on a true Galaxy Fold successor

Evidence that Samsung’s next foldable device (after the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip) will be a direct successor to the Galaxy Fold has emerged today thanks to a report from our friends over at GalaxyClub. Samsung used “Winner” as the codename when it was developing the original Galaxy Fold, and the company has apparently codenamed the Galaxy Fold 2 “Winner2”.

The codename is said to be either Winner2 or Win2, and there is a separate 5G variant of the device in the works. That would suggest Samsung will release an LTE-only variant in many markets. Considering these foldable phones can be quite costly, it would be sensible for Samsung to have both LTE and 5G variants. However, not having 5G as standard in late 2020 might put off some potential buyers, especially since the Galaxy S20 Ultra is going to support 5G connectivity in every market.

A few months ago, it had been rumored that the Galaxy Fold 2 would have an 8-inch screen with S Pen support. Unfortunately, no information about the potential features of the Galaxy Fold 2 has made its way online since then, so what upgrades the device will bring over its predecessor are a mystery. We should learn more about it in the coming months; for now, we have the Galaxy S20 and the clamshell Galaxy Z Flip to look forward to. Both phones will be unveiled on February 11, with the latter expected to go on sale soon afterwards.

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