Galaxy Z Flip release rumored for February 14 at $1,400

There was some speculation that Samsung’s next foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip, might be released before the Galaxy S20 hits the market. A new rumor making the rounds on Twitter now suggests that this just be the case.

It’s claimed that the Galaxy Z Flip is going to be released on February 14, just three days after Samsung unveils the device on February 11. The handset is also said to cost $1,400.

Fans may not have to wait long for the Galaxy Z Flip release

It’s also said that the Galaxy Z Flip might be a timed exclusive, being available only from AT&T in the United States initially. The handset would eventually be released on other carriers as well. Samsung is also going to offer an unlocked variant of the Galaxy Z Flip.

The $1,400 shouldn’t be surprising given what has recently been rumored for the device. First believed to cost under $1,000, it’s now understood that the foldable smartphone may not be as cheap as initially thought. It’s was expected to cost north of $1,300 in recent estimates so the $1,400 price tag seems plausible.

As far as the Galaxy S20 is concerned, the rumor is that it’s going to be released on the first Friday of March, which would make it March 6. The Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung’s top-tier model of the new series, is expected to start at $1,300.

None of this has been officially confirmed by Samsung at this point in time but it’s all within the realm of possibility. Samsung will be confirming the pricing and availability details for both the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy S20 series on February 11 at its Unpacked event.


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I’ll rather wait and see what the Fold 2 brings and possibly spend a little extra on that if it actually does come with an s-pen or simply stop upgrading every year


S20 Ultra STARTING at $1300?!?! You can’t be serious. Clearly they don’t want the latest and greatest for the majority of their customers.


If that price is accurate, why will this thing exist? I guess it’s still a better value than the Razr, but I’d rather just pay another $600 for the real Fold.