Galaxy Z Flip price may not be as low as previously thought

Technical complexities make foldable phones harder to produce than standard smartphones, and with the foldable segment still in its infancy, prices for foldable devices tend to be sky high. The Galaxy Fold may offer a lot of bang for buck considering how much of an engineering feat it is, but it’s not an affordable device by any stretch of the imagination.

So when the first reports about the possible pricing for Samsung’s next foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip, came out, it got people excited. Initial rumors said the device would be priced anywhere between $850 and $1000, but earlier this month, it was said that the price could be set between $862 and $1293. And, as recently as yesterday, it was suggested the Galaxy Z Flip could cost around €1400 at launch.

Well, it seems the actual price tag may not be nearly as high, but it may not be as low as initially believed, either. According to Korean publication Naver, the Galaxy Z Flip will be priced at 1.6 million won in South Korea. That translates to around $1,375, which is nearly $100 more than what the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G sells for in the US. It’s likely to put many folks off the prospect of buying a Galaxy Z Flip, especially if they want the latest and greatest specs. But it’s also a more logical price considering this is a foldable phone we’re talking about.

With so many conflicting reports on how much the Galaxy Z Flip could cost, it’s best to simply wait for Samsung’s official announcement of its next foldable phone, which will be accompanied by details on its pricing and availability. The Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip will be unveiled on February 11 in San Francisco, so it won’t be long before we find out exactly how big a hole the company’s new foldable phone will burn in your pocket should you decide to buy one.

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