Galaxy Fold 2 price could be $850, launch expected in February 2020

It’s no secret that Samsung has been working on the Galaxy Fold 2. The company is expected to launch at least two foldable smartphones in the coming year. If Samsung’s own teaser is to be believed, one of those models will have a clamshell form factor.

A new report from South Korea provides an idea of what the Galaxy Fold 2 price could be. It also claims that Samsung may unveil the device in February 2020 alongside the Galaxy S11. An upgraded model of the existing Galaxy Fold would be launched later in the year.

Samsung may set the Galaxy Fold 2 price at $850

Satisfied with the response it has received for the Galaxy Fold, Samsung is reportedly aiming to sell 6 million foldable phones in 2020. It would need to bring the price point down in order to do that. Despite its $2,000 price tag, Samsung is believed to have sold over 500,000 units of the Galaxy Fold so far.

Citing unnamed industry sources, Korean media is reporting that the clamshell foldable phone from Samsung will be unveiled with the Galaxy S11 in February. It also expects the Galaxy Fold 2 price to be around 1 million won or roughly $850. If that is accurate, it may even be cheaper than the Galaxy S11+.

There isn’t a lot of information available about the device’s specs so far. What we do know is that it bears model number SM-F700F and will likely feature a 6.7-inch foldable display and a 1-inch cover display with at least one tiny 900mAh battery. It’s unclear what Samsung might cut from the device to bring the Galaxy Fold 2 price to less than half of what it sells the original Galaxy Fold for.

The report goes on to mention that the second iteration of the Galaxy Fold will be announced later in the year, possibly around August. This suggests that it could come alongside the Galaxy Note 11. There’s no mention of what that model might cost but it would likely be sold for a higher price point, even if the price tag doesn’t touch $2,000 anymore.

Bear in mind that things could change down the line. There’s no conclusive evidence to support any of these theories so far. So while the idea of an $850 foldable smartphone seems compelling, let’s just wait and see what else comes up.

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