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There has been absolutely no shortage of rumors over the past couple of years that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone. It's now commonly referred to as the Galaxy X even though there's no concrete evidence to suggest that this is what Samsung will call its foldable smartphone.

So it's time now to make an educated guess about what we can expect from Samsung's first foldable smartphone. It certainly won't the first device with this form factor as China-based ZTE has already launched its foldable smartphone but all eyes are on Samsung nonetheless to see its iteration of what might possibly be the future of smartphones.


There's really nothing in Samsung's lineup right now which might reveal hints about the Galaxy X's design. The device doesn't have a predecessor so it's not like there's a yardstick to work off of. Initial rumors had suggested that Samsung was developing an outward-folding handset but we heard six months ago that the company had another prototype of the device which was inward-folding. Samsung's work on foldable smartphones is said to be based on both concepts and it's not known for sure right now which concept will be used for the final version. We can keep our fingers crossed for a metal and glass sandwich that's quickly becoming synonymous with Samsung's premium mid-range and flagship lineups.


No technical specifications about the Galaxy X's display have been rumored so far. A report from early last year claimed that the device's display panel will measure 7-inches when not folded which will effectively enable the handset to double as a tablet. The Galaxy X will most likely feature a flexible OLED panel with Full HD resolution at least. Once again, there are a lot of conflicting reports about this so this is just speculation right now.


In all of the rumors we have heard about the Galaxy X so far, the camera hasn't really been a topic of discussion, and with good reason. It's not like Samsung will have to break new technological ground to put a camera in a foldable smartphone. It will have to do that for the design and display panel, though. So there's little reason to be concerned about this particular component since we can expect the company to put in a sensor that it has used for premium mid-range devices like the Galaxy A8 (2018) if it doesn't want to indulge in variable aperture trickery on the Galaxy X.


It hasn't really been ascertained so far if the Galaxy X is going to be a premium mid-range device or one with flagship-level specifications. There's some speculation that it might be the former since Samsung will likely be testing the waters first with the Galaxy X and may not go all out for the first iteration of its foldable smartphone platform. There isn't a lot of information available right now about the processor, RAM, storage and battery specs of the Galaxy X so we'll have to sit tight until there's more to go on.


It goes without saying that the Galaxy X will come with Android and Samsung Experience UI. What version it will be running depends entirely upon when the handset is actually released. If it comes out later this year or even early next year then it might be powered by Oreo but if it's not due until late 2019 then perhaps it will be powered by Android P out of the box.

The Galaxy X's user interface was possibly revealed by another Samsung patent recently. The accompanying images revealed that it supported both portrait and landscape modes for different usage scenarios and that it appeared to be quite similar to the UI we have seen on Samsung's other Android-powered handsets.


Samsung said late last year that it's aiming to launch the Galaxy X foldable smartphone in 2018. The company hasn't provided a new timeline but the CEO of its mobile division DJ Koh recently said that the company will only launch the Galaxy X when it's completely sure that the device delivers the best user experience, that its foldable smartphone will not be a gimmick.

He chose to sidestep specific questions about the Galaxy X's release timeline at the Mobile World Congress 2018 last month. The expected price, like many of the details about this mysterious device, is also unknown.

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