That device you all thought was the Galaxy X isn’t Samsung’s foldable smartphone

It has been rumored for a few years now that Samsung is developing a foldable smartphone. The company is yet to confirm when it’s going to launch one and what it’s going to be called. It’s commonly referred to as the Galaxy X. There has always been a lot of circumstantial evidence related to Samsung’s foldable smartphone.

The model number SM-G888N0 popped up a few months back. Since it didn’t correspond to any other device in Samsung’s lineup, it was immediately linked to the Galaxy X. It turns out that the SM-G888N0 is not related to Samsung’s much-rumored foldable smartphone in any way.

Samsung’s foldable smartphone

The SM-G888N0 model number first popped up at the Bluetooth SIG for its certification. Many took this as an indication of an impending launch. The handset was later spotted at South Korea’s National Radio Research Agency which highlighted the possibility that this handset would be launched in Samsung’s home country.

We also spotted a firmware for the SM-G888N0. While that didn’t confirm if this was indeed the foldable smartphone, it did reveal that Samsung was working on an entirely new device.

Now we know that the SM-G888N0 is not Samsung’s foldable smartphone. It’s a rugged new device that Samsung has created for train personnel in South Korea. It’s part of the company’s deployment of the world’s first LTE-R network for trains in South Korea.

Samsung’s foldable smartphone remains shrouded in mystery. The company is expected to introduce it as some point next year so we will surely hear more rumors about it in the coming months.

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