Samsung may unveil the Galaxy X before the Galaxy S10 next year

Samsung’s rumored foldable smartphone, commonly referred to as the Galaxy X, has been the subject of many ‘leaks’ and reports in the recent months. From its display size to battery capacity to alleged pricing, a lot has been ‘leaked’ and speculated about the coveted Galaxy X. So far, most of the available information about its launch and availability has been mostly vague with references to sometime early next year. A new piece of info from China seems to provide a more concrete date for the announcement of the Galaxy X.

According to the well-known Chinese leaker, Ice Universe, current plans by Samsung indicate that the Galaxy X might be unveiled at CES 2019, while the Galaxy S10 would launch at the MWC 2019. While the stated Galaxy S10 launch date is consistent with the Galaxy S9/S9+ unveiling, the rumored Galaxy X announcement at the CES 2019 sounds strange since Samsung rarely launchers any flagship smartphones at the CES.

Galaxy X may be a niche device

However, many reports have stated that the upcoming Galaxy X may be a niche offering with limited supply and an exorbitant price tag. The strategy may be similar to what Samsung did with the curved screens on its flagship smartphones. The first-generation Galaxy X may be used as a test device to gauge market response and gather feedback before turning the idea into a mainstream product. If that is indeed the case, then it makes sense for Samsung to launch it on a different date from the Galaxy S10 to not take away the thunder from the company’s flagship for 2018

It is worth pointing out that all of this is speculation and tentative information. Even though Ice Universe has a reliable track record, it is still possible that the information may turn out to be false or dates may change due to various factors. It is thus advisable to take all this information with a pinch of salt.

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