Samsung’s foldable phones to come as part of the Galaxy F series?

Wind back the clock to 2013. Rumors at the time had pegged Samsung as working on a new “super premium” Galaxy F series of smartphones in addition to the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note flagships that were launched each year. But nothing of the sort panned out. Samsung continues to release just two flagships each year (albeit with the Galaxy S flagships now coming in two sizes). But according to a short little tweet by a Chinese leakster, Samsung is yet again working on a Galaxy F lineup of phones. And with the foldable phone on the horizon, the information comes at just the right time.

F for foldable?

Galaxy F doesn’t sound as exciting as Galaxy X, but there hasn’t been a lot of evidence to support the latter as the actual name of Samsung’s first commercial foldable phone. The Galaxy F series will apparently be “super” high-end, which fits well with the recent rumors that the foldable phone might cost anywhere between $1500 to $2000. However, the same source also pointed out recently that Samsung is working on Galaxy R and Galaxy P smartphones for the Chinese market. The Galaxy F may also turn out to be an exclusive high-end offering for China, building on devices like the recently released Galaxy A9 Star.

And, as usual, these rumors shouldn’t be taken seriously until there’s something more substantial to support them. Galaxy F sounds quite appropriate for a foldable phone, but whether Samsung actually goes for something so simple is a question only time will answer.

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