Samsung rumored to launch Galaxy R and P, cancel Galaxy J series next year

If a new rumor from China is believed, Samsung will be significantly shaking up its low-end and mid-range lineup. It’s said to launch two new series – the Galaxy R and Galaxy P. Samsung is rumored to cancel the Galaxy J series which already delivers the bulk of its sales in the affordable segment of the market in addition to the Galaxy On and Galaxy C series.

These rumors come from @MMDDJ_, a Twitter-based leaker from China, who has been right on some accounts in the past. It would be best to take this information with a grain of salt for now as there’s no concrete evidence to support the claims.

Samsung Galaxy R and Galaxy P series

The leaker claims that Samsung will introduce a new mid-range and low-end series called the Galaxy R and Galaxy P. It’s also claimed that the Galaxy P will be Samsung’s first ODM (original design manufacturer) smartphone meaning that it won’t be produced at Samsung’s own facilities. The new series is rumored to be due in Q3/Q4.

Samsung not only designs all of the product specifications currently but it also builds its smartphones at its own manufacturing facilities. The claim that the Galaxy P will be an ODM device suggests that Samsung will only use its brand name for the Galaxy P. The device itself would be designed and produced by another company. Samsung would slap its brand on the device and sell it.

This will, at least in theory, result in cost savings for the company since it won’t have to invest anything in the development of the device. It will select the handset from a factory catalog, making minor changes if required and start selling it as a Galaxy device. Samsung doesn’t do that normally so it’s going to be a big change for the company if this does happen.

It’s also claimed that the Galaxy J series will be discontinued in addition to the Galaxy On and Galaxy C series. It’s hasn’t been confirmed if this will only be done in China or in all markets where these handsets are available. It’s difficult to believe that Samsung will discontinue the Galaxy J elsewhere when it delivers the bulk of its sales in this price segment. This could be true for China, though, where Samsung’s affordable devices have struggled to gain traction against Chinese rivals.

Samsung has shown its willingness to shake up its strategy for China where its market share has eroded to dangerous levels. Perhaps this might help the company better compete in the People’s Republic.

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