Galaxy J series handsets will be handed out as loaners to those who return their Galaxy Note 7

Samsung is now urging customers who have already received their Galaxy Note 7 units to take their handsets back to where they bought them from and turn them in so that they may receive a replacement. All existing customers are eligible to receive a new unit from Samsung as a replacement. The company is going to ship new inventory in over a week but it’s advising customers to power down their Galaxy Note 7 immediately and exchange it right away. It will provide them with a Galaxy J series handset as a loaner to keep them connected until their new unit arrives.

Customers have two options. The first involves exchanging their current handset for a new one. Until the new handset arrives, customers will be given a Galaxy J series smartphone as a loaner. They will have to return it when they claim their new Galaxy Note 7 unit. Many Samsung carrier and retail partners will offer the loaner handset so check with the place you bought your Galaxy Note 7 from.

Samsung will also allow customers in certain markets to immediately exchange their Galaxy Note 7 for a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge. The company will refund the price difference between the two devices. For inconveniencing its customers, Samsung is also going to throw in a $25 gift card, in-store credit or bill credit from selected retail outlets who are participating in this exchange program for the Galaxy Note 7.

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