Samsung is offering loan devices to Galaxy Note 7 owners in Singapore

According to Straitstimes, Samsung is offering loan devices of a different model — likely from the Galaxy J series — to Galaxy Note 7 owners in Singapore, leading many to believe that a second recall is right around the corner. Those in possession an original or replacement Note 7 in the region are instructed to switch it off and visit the Customer Service Centre at Westgate to obtain a courtesy handset, which they’ll be able to use while the firm investigates reports of ‘safe’ units catching fire.

“Samsung Electronics Singapore is in talks with our telecommunication operator and retail partners to work out a resolution for our Galaxy Note 7 customers,” said a representative on behalf on the company on Tuesday morning. “Details of the remedy will be shared very soon. In the meantime, Galaxy Note7 customers who require a courtesy device on loan (subject to stock availability) can visit the Samsung Customer Service Centre at Westgate (level 3) during operating hours.”

It makes perfect sense that Samsung is taking the extra precaution of offering loan handsets to Galaxy Note 7 owners in Singapore seeing as that’s one of the country’s where the whole faulty battery fiasco has been most prominent. It’s been reported that some consumers have already had to exchange their unit twice after replacements were found to overheat and rapidly drain power while being charged. Although, Samsung is claiming that a defunct cell was not to blame for that particular issue.

This news comes shortly after Samsung’s global body issued a statement urging all carriers and retail partners globally to refrain from accepting new orders and exchanging models of the Galaxy Note 7 while it looks into the new reports of device explosions. Elliot Kaye, Chairman of the CPSC, stands by the company’s decision as he believes that the suspension of Galaxy Note 7 sales was “the right move” as “no one should have to be concerned their phone will endanger them.”


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Please for god sake come up with something like Note7s or something… Just update and make the phone more powerful with better specs… Then give it to the note 7 users, not everyone has the time to constantly play with this. Well thank god I live in Singapore. Hoping for an actual fix and not just another note 7 and then start messing up again.


Lesson learnt, never be desperate to change a new phone as soon as it’s release, I live in singapore too.