Samsung says 90 percent of Galaxy Note 7 owners have opted for a replacement

Samsung confirmed the Galaxy Note 7’s battery cell issue on September 2 and immediately suspended sales of the handset. The company also said that it will voluntarily replace all Galaxy Note 7 units across the globe. Customers were given the option to either obtain a full refund for the price or simply hand in their existing Galaxy Note 7 and get a new, safe one. In some markets Samsung even allowed customers to exchange their Note 7 for a Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge and obtain a refund for the price difference. The company has provided some figures today which showcase the progress of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 replacement program.

“Just over three weeks ago, Samsung committed to a global replacement program for the Galaxy Note7. Last week, that program began for the majority of markets and the progress is encouraging” said DJ Koh, President of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. “Our focus now is to make sure that all affected devices are replaced as quickly and efficiently as possible,” he added.

Samsung says that since the replacement program was initiated around 90 percent of Galaxy Note 7 owners across the globe have opted to hand in their unit for a new one. It also says that more than 60 percent of all recalled Galaxy Note 7 units in the United States and South Korea have been exchanged through the program and that in Singapore more than 80 percent of customers have already participated in this program.

“We are humbled by our customers’ loyalty to the Galaxy Note7 device,” said Koh. Samsung reiterates that people who still have an old Galaxy Note 7 unit should power it down and take part in the replacement program to ensure that they have a safe device which is not a fire hazard.

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