Galaxy S10+ screen protector almost perfectly fits a Galaxy Note 7

Remember the Galaxy Note 7? The last of Samsung’s flagship smartphones with the traditional home button and big bezels met an unfortunate early demise, and the company moved on to the Galaxy S8 and introduced us to the Infinity display, which threw away most of that bezel and the home button for a higher screen-to-body ratio.

Come next year, Samsung will bring us the Galaxy S10 with even smaller bezels, and an image from Weibo shows just how much screen the Galaxy S10+ may offer in dimensions barely larger than the Galaxy Note 7.

The Galaxy S10+ is expected to have a 6.44-inch display, nearly 0.8 inches larger than the 5.7-inch display on the Galaxy Note 7. Sure, these new Infinity displays aren’t as wide as the traditional displays from before the bezel-less era, but the compromise is worth it when you consider the extra screen estate consumers are now getting.

Of course, whether everyone is going to like the extra screen estate enough to not be bothered by that camera cutout on the corner is something only time will tell. Those cutouts will reduce the actual usable display area in practice, although that still won’t take away from the fact that the Galaxy S10 will offer a larger viewing area thanks to the tiny bezels.

s10 plus galaxy note 7

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