Foldable Samsung smartphone surfaces yet again

There has been no shortage of reports about a foldable Samsung smartphone. While the company is yet to announce one officially, there has been enough circumstantial evidence to support the theory that one exists. Normally referred to as the Galaxy X, Samsung’s foldable smartphone has now surfaced in a listing filed with a Korean regulator.

The foldable Samsung smartphone was last spotted two months ago when the Galaxy X bearing model number SM-G888N0 surfaced at the Bluetooth SIG for its Bluetooth certification. The model number doesn’t correspond to any device in Samsung’s smartphone lineup so there’s reason to believe that it belongs to the Galaxy X.

A listing for the SM-G888 has been spotted at South Korea’s National Radio Research Agency, it’s likely that this particular variant is for Samsung’s home country of South Korea. There isn’t a lot of information available about the specifications of this device.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything about the Galaxy X so far. It’s unclear when the company might be planning to launch it. Reports suggest that the foldable Samsung smartphone could be out later this year or early next year.

We’ve spotted a firmware for this device but it’s from July. There doesn’t appear to be any recent firmware development for the SM-G888.

It’s likely that we’ll see this handset surface elsewhere online before Samsung finally makes it official.

foldable samsung smartphone


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Don’t you guys realize this is the new Note variant? The Samsung Galaxy Note Holy Shit 8! Either that or the South Koreans have really tiny pockets – which IS a possibility!


None of this makes any sense. A foldable screen on a long phone? In what way would that be useful? Not even useful, how is that useable? What are we going to do with an extra wide or extra long phone? Samsung does amazing things we all know. But this one just doesn’t seem likely. It just doesn’t make sense. Just going to have to wait I guess. A better INTERNATIONAL Galaxy Golden or Gentlemen or whatever that gorgeous dual screen flip phone is, is a far better idea. That phone needs to be globally available and would be a… Read more »


Nothing new makes sense at first until it becomes the thing.