Samsung launches world’s first LTE-R network for high speed train line in Korea

Samsung is up to it’s pioneering ways again, this time in the form LTE-R. Samsung has partnered with telecom firm KT to launch and enable the world’s first LTE-R network for the new Wonju-Gangneung high-speed train line in Korea which covers a span 120 kilometers and travels up to 250km/hour.

LTE-R is live in Korea

Back in 2015, Samsung was selected as the LTE-R supplier for five projects, and two years later, here we are. Earlier this year in April, we saw the deployment of the network for the Busan Metro line in Korea’s second largest city covering 40 stations.

This next-generation communications technology enables high-speed wireless voice and data communications from inside trains, between trains and from train to ground. It will also power mission-critical communications between train personnel and control centers with improved stability.

Samsung has also developed a rugged smartphone (SM-G888NO) for train personnel as part of this critical communications system. This model number had been previously mistaken for the Galaxy X foldable smartphone Samsung purportedly plans on launching.

All in all, Samsung has now completed two of the five projects it accepted responsibility for, and it’s already working on deploying the network for the line between Incheon International Airport and Seoul Station in the center of the capital.


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