Samsung to start manufacturing Galaxy Note 7 in July

The Galaxy Note 7 (as we first believed) has already transformed into the Galaxy Note 7 edge with a teaser to confirm as much, and with early reports that Samsung has been using the “Galaxy Note 7 edge” moniker, the Korean giant has been diligently pursuing the new handset’s production. Now, a report out of Korea says that production of the handset will start in July, with an initial batch of 2.5 million copies made. The Korean giant will manufacture another 2.5 million handsets the following month, resulting in 5 million Galaxy Note 7 handsets available for purchase immediately after the scheduled August 2nd announcement for the next-generation Galaxy.

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 5 slightly earlier last year than it did the Galaxy Note 4 (which launched in September). In order to take advantage of early adopters whose pockets are always “itching” for new handsets, Samsung moved up its announcement to August instead of September. The company launched its devices in mid-August last year, but with a date this year that is two weeks earlier than usual, it appears as though Samsung isn’t waiting around for its most formidable American foe at all.

The Galaxy Note 7 will be the first Galaxy Note device to have dual-curved edges, with the single-curved edge Galaxy Note Edge remaining the origin of the edge movement in Samsung’s smartphone lineup. The device will feature a 5.8-inch, Super AMOLED (Slim RGB) display with a Quad HD (1440p) resolution, Qualcomm’s more updated Snapdragon 823 processor, 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM, 32/64GB of storage, a 5MP front camera (f/1.7), 12MP back camera (f/1.7) that’s but one of a dual-lens setup, a 4,000mAh battery, and USB Type-C charging. The Galaxy Note 7 will also feature a Samsung Focus communications app alongside of an iris scanner (now two years in the making) that will be manufactured by Patron. Get ready to “write on the edge of something great.”

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