Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner will reportedly be supplied by Patron

It has been rumored multiple times that the next Galaxy Note handset is going to feature an iris scanner. Samsung recently launched a Galaxy Iris tablet for the government and businesses in India, and it has received several trademarks recently which hints at the iris scanner finally being brought to a consumer device. A new report says that Korean camera firm Patron is going to supply Samsung with its iris camera modules for the Galaxy Note 7.

Patron reportedly won a bid to supply the entire volume of iris camera modules for the upcoming Galaxy Note flagship. Iris scanning will offer enhanced security to users as it will recognize 266 traits on an iris as opposed to 40 traits a fingerprint sensor recognizes. Samsung is believed to have considered implementing iris scanning back with the Galaxy S4 but it passed on the feature then because the technology wasn’t advanced enough. It appears that the company feels the time is right to introduce iris scanning in its consumer devices. The Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be unveiled on August 2, 2016.

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