New Galaxy S9 teaser videos published by Samsung

In less than two weeks from now, Samsung will be officially announcing the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ in Barcelona. As the official unveiling inches closer, Samsung is trying to pump up the hype by launching new teaser videos for the Galaxy S9 series.

Hints at low-light camera capabilities and 3D emoji

Samsung Mobile Korea has posted three teaser videos of 15 seconds each on its YouTube channel. These videos don’t reveal any significant details but seem to hint at the camera capabilities and the rumored 3D emoji of the Galaxy S9 series.

The idea behind the first teaser video seems to be about the rumored super slow-motion camera in the Galaxy S9 series. We make this guess as the fast-paced events in the video dramatically slow down at the 9-seconds mark. You could also argue that the fast-paced events imply performance improvements in the devices. The second video is more straightforward and is hyping up the Galaxy S9’s camera capabilities in low light conditions. The third video is a little more ambiguous in what it is trying to convey. At the 10-seconds mark, there is a not so subtle hint about the rumored 3D emoji. So, this video could be hinting at the new emoji features in the Galaxy S9 duo.

Carlo Barlocco, President of Samsung Italy, has shared another Galaxy S9 teaser video on Twitter. This video heavily emphasizes the camera capabilities and 3D emojis of the Galaxy S9 series. It is clear from this video, emojis, in whatever form, will be an important selling point for the Galaxy S9 duo.

The Galaxy S9 series has been the subject of non-stop leaks and rumors in the last couple of months. Everything from the press renders and official accessories to the launch colors have been leaked online. We’re now seeing benchmarks surface and these leaks will continue in the days leading up to the launch event.

What do you make out of the teaser videos? Do they get you hyped up about the Galaxy S9? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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