New Galaxy A phone with Snapdragon 845 reportedly in development

There has been a clear distinction between Samsung’s smartphone lineups over the past few years. The best tech, including the latest in mobile silicon, is found in the company’s flagship Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series handsets. Some of that tech then trickles down into its premium mid-range Galaxy A series with other specs like the processor, memory and camera a step or two below the flagships.

Samsung is having to change its strategy a bit as it seeks to compete against its Chinese rivals more effectively. The company has already confirmed that it’s now going to introduce new tech with more affordable models first before bringing it to flagship devices. Does that mean the company will now be making mid-range devices with high-end chips? A China-based leakster claims so.

New Galaxy A phone with Snapdragon 845

A Twitter leakster based in China, who has been right on some accounts, claims that there’s a new Galaxy A phone in development at Samsung with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. That’s the same processor that you find in the flagship Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9, the non-Exynos models to be precise.

No further information is available about this device right now. If one were to speculate, it would most likely have a metal build, an Infinity Display, a dual camera system at the back and a good selfie camera up front.

When it does arrive, this new Galaxy A phone will be far from the first affordable device with Qualcomm’s flagship 2018 chip. Xiaomi’s new sub-brand Poco has launched its very first smartphone which puts the Snapdragon 845 in customers’ pocket for $300.

A lot more has to be taken into consideration when forming an opinion about a smartphone’s performance than just the processor inside. Moreover, if Samsung can’t do it at a price that’s competitive enough, then it may not make a lot of sense to try and cram an expensive processor inside what’s supposed to be an affordable device just to respond to rivals.

What’s evident is that Samsung is shaking up its mid-range lineup. As we have reported, the device that it’s going to unveil on October 11th does indeed have four cameras at the back. It would be the company’s first quad-camera smartphone. Given Samsung’s renewed focus on the mid-range segment, a Galaxy A phone with Snapdragon 845 isn’t outside the realm of possibility, but there may not be more here than meets the eye.

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