[Updated] Samsung trademarks ‘Gear Blink’; could it be the Gear Glass?

We’ve heard of a SIM-enabled Gear variant a couple of times in the last few weeks, and now a new product trademark applied for Samsung is hinting at yet another device in its Gear lineup. Samsung has moved to trademark the name Gear Blink over in South Korea, and while the trademark application doesn’t offer any details, the word Blink suggests we could be looking at the smart glasses – tentatively titled Gear Glass – that Samsung is supposedly working on. Of course, this is just speculation on our part, but we can’t really think of any other product in which blinking it so important that it manages to find a place in the product’s name.

Not much is known about the Gear Glass (or Gear Blink, if you already prefer using that name), though Samsung has applied for quite a few patents surrounding smart glasses. The latest patent suggested that it could be different from Google Glass in that it will feature both a Bluetooth earpiece and a head-up display, and could launch alongside the Galaxy Note 4 in September.

Any ideas on what the Gear Blink could be?

Update: Samsung has also applied for the Gear Blink trademark in the US, suggesting that it is getting serious about launching the device in the near future. Here’s hoping we can get more details on the Gear Blink that tell us what exactly we’re looking at.


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