Samsung patent hints at headphones with integrated head-up display

Patent applications and concepts have revealed that Samsung has some interest in coming out with smart glasses – tentatively titled – similar to Google Glass. However, it looks like the company isn’t exactly decided on what it wants to create, as a patent granted to it showcases a device that seems to be a headphone integrated with a HUD (head-up display), instead of having a pair of glasses in front. The concept is an interesting one, though there’s no telling if it’s a different take on the Gear Glass concepts we’ve seen before or a completely new device.

Samsung calls the device “Earphone” in the patent application, but like all other patented designs we come across, it’s hard to speculate on exactly what the purpose of the device will be, and whether it will ever be realized as an actual product.

Any thoughts on what we’re looking at here?



Via | Source (PDF)


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I dont know about dragon ball but this is what i’ve been looking forward too!
imagine you want to read a book (a long book) while walking, its gona be very hard to hold your smartphone up for an hour or two. and you might usually bump into people because your head is down.

this is the device that will let me read and walk for a long time!!!
i just wish i can see anything on that small display, like miracast!

go ahead and do it samsung, you have a go! 🙂


soooo cool


A Dragonball Z scouter lookalike. Samsung take my money and make it a real deal.



They used DBZ’s idea lol.