Patent filing for Samsung’s ‘Galaxy Glass’ details augmented reality keyboard

Samsung was rumoured to be working on a Goole Glass-style wearable device that was set to launch later this year, but till date there wasn’t any information about the device. However, a recent patent filing gives an insight into the kind of interface Samsung is planning for the device. The images detail a camera-based augmented reality keyboard that is projected onto your fingers. Different parts of your fingers are assigned to different keys, and you can then use your thumbs as an input device. The projection is likely carried out by the camera, which will also track your thumb movements and translate it into words based on the sequence and sections of fingers you “press.”

The patent was filed last year at the World Intellectual Property Organization and South Korea’s Korean Intellectual Property Office, and while it is likely that such a system might not make its way onto the finished product, it is clear that Samsung is looking at alternate gesture input methods. Samsung is said to have considered an implementation of voice guided actions similar to that offered by Google’s Google Glass, but ultimately felt that it was too imprecise for all situations. The manufacturer was also considering a full-fledged projectable keyboard, but such a scenario is said to not be very cost-effective. The Galaxy Glass will likely see an official unveil sometime in the latter half of the year, and might launch at the same time as the Galaxy Note 4.





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