Samsung official says Gear compatibility with non-Samsung devices is still a probability

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If there was one thing people were hoping Samsung would fix with the sequel to the Galaxy Gear, it was its incompatibility with non-Samsung phones and tablets, but given the fact that Samsung is hoping to tie consumers into its ecosystem, it wasn’t surprising when the Gear 2 also had the same limitation in terms of compatibility. However, the company has, in the past, said that compatibility with non-Samsung devices could come in the future, and now, a Samsung official has once again affirmed that it’s definitely something that could happen down the line.

When inquired whether the Gear will be compatible with devices from companies such as Sony or LG in an interview with Android PlanetLuke Mansfield, head of Samsung’s European product team, said: “I don’t know what the roadmap is for that, but I’m confident that that would be the case.” Now, the wording doesn’t exactly that such compatibility will be arriving anytime soon, but it does raise hopes of a Gear that will work with whatever Android device you want.

Samsung has switched to Tizen for the software on its latest smartwatch, which means it isn’t tied as heavily to the company’s software on its phones and tablets as it was before, making non-Samsung compatibility an easier-to-achieve scenario. Of course, that’s just speculation, and the Korean manufacturer could limit compatibility to its Android and Tizen devices in the future, so we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for Samsung’s smartwatch.

Hit the source link for the full interview, where Mansfield also answers questions on things like Samsung’s level of innovation.


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