Samsung patents a smartwatch with a wristband display

Samsung’s working on a smartwatch equipped with a built-in camera and a secondary display on the wristband, suggests a patent recently filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The diagram included in the filing indicates that the wristband display will function like the Edge panel on board the Galaxy S8, providing users with instant access to their favorite applications.

Baking a camera into a smartwatch is a little strange, though it may prove to be useful on LTE units, as customers want to leave their smartphone at home carry most of its features on their wrist.

What’s particularly interesting about this device, however, is that, unlike the original Galaxy Gear, it appears to come with an optical zoom, so it can protrude from the unit to shoot higher-quality photos.

Whether or not this patent will come to fruition is a different story. Samsung reserves the rights to a lot of designs and names on a daily basis, and only a small portion of them ever make their way onto the market.

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