Samsung starts Android 10 development for Galaxy A50 and A40

Samsung may have already released Android 10 for a surprising number of devices, including both flagship ones and those on the budget end of the spectrum, but according to the company’s roadmap, it will still be a few months the slew of Galaxy phones launched this year will get the new version of Android. Except for the Galaxy A30, Samsung is currently aiming to start updating all of its A series devices to Android 10 from April.

But, as we have seen with the Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10, and Galaxy Note 9, Samsung has been able to push out the Android 10 update ahead of schedule. Could it do the same for some of its Galaxy A phones as well? It certainly seems plausible, as Samsung has now started development on Android 10 for the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A40. It took the company less than two months after it started work on Android 10 for the Galaxy M20 and M30 to release the official update, so we don’t see why it couldn’t bring the Android 10 update to Galaxy A50 and A40 owners sometime in March.

We say March because we expect Samsung to include at least some major One UI 2.0 features in the update for the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A40. The Galaxy M20 and M30 received a bare-bones Android 10 update, and if Samsung is planning to do the same for the A series phones, then we might even see the A50 and A40 making the jump to Android 10 and One UI 2.0 sometime in late February. However, only time will tell which of the two it will be.

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