Exclusive: Galaxy Fold 2 will get a 256GB model for a lower starting price

Samsung has already launched a foldable smartphone this year but the Galaxy Z Flip is not the successor to the Galaxy Fold. The company is due to launch the latest iteration of its original foldable smartphone later this year. While it’s not known for sure what Samsung will end up calling the device, we can call it the Galaxy Fold 2 for now.

We have received some information about the Galaxy Fold 2 which suggests that it’s going to have a lower barrier of entry compared to its predecessor. Samsung will offer a model with 256GB of base storage at a lower price point.

Galaxy Fold 2 will have a lower starting price

At $1,980, the Galaxy Fold was the most expensive smartphone that Samsung ever offered. It had the latest tech specs and there was only one model available with 512GB storage. There wasn’t an option to go for less storage to save a couple of hundred dollars.

We hear that the Galaxy Fold 2, model number SM-F916 in particular, is going to feature 256GB of internal storage. There will be two models of the SM-F91x, the other with 512GB storage. This split will enable Samsung to lower the cost of entry to the Galaxy Fold lineup. With the exceptional response that Samsung has seen for the $1,400 Galaxy Z Flip, the company knows that bringing the price down a bit for the Galaxy Fold 2 will certainly help mainstream the device.

The Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to feature a larger cover display than the 4.6-inch one on its predecessor. The foldable display may also see an increase in size to 7.7-inch compared to 7.3-inch. It’s expected to be an Infinity-O panel with a punch hole for the selfie camera instead of the unusual notch that Samsung went with for the Galaxy Fold.

There has been some speculation about S Pen support for the Galaxy Fold 2 as well but it hasn’t been backed up with much evidence. Samsung will also ship a robust camera setup with the Galaxy Fold 2. Reports suggest that it may get the same camera setup as the Galaxy S20+. Aside from its flagship processor, RAM specs and 5G support, there’s also a good chance that the Galaxy Fold 2 may have a 4G variant as well (SM-F910).

We hear that the Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to arrive in Q3 this year. Many believe that it may be launched alongside the Galaxy Note 20 in August. We’ll let you know as soon as more information comes in about Samsung’s next foldable smartphone.

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