Samsung trademarks possible Galaxy S10 camera feature: Artistic Live Focus


Last updated: December 19th, 2018 at 09:14 UTC+02:00

Samsung has filed a trademark application for a new camera feature named Artistic Live Focus. Chances are, we will see this feature arrive in the upcoming Galaxy S10 and its different variants.

Galaxy S10 camera: Artistic Live Focus

Samsung is keeping its IP lawyers very busy these days. Recently we saw all kinds of new trademark applications surface – from various blockchain-related features to a set of new augmented reality marks. However, a trademark filed yesterday and published today might shed some direct light on a possible new Galaxy S10 camera feature.

In the European Union, Samsung wants to register the term Artistic Live Focus (PDF), as Galaxy Club points out. The description included in the application makes no secret of what the trademark is intended for: ‘Smartphones … computer software for processing digital images.’ Of course, the existing Live Focus feature present in many current Galaxy devices provides the biggest hint as to what Artistic Live Focus could be: an extended mode for making photos with a sharp foreground object and a nicely blurred background.

As to the artistic part, we can only imagine what Samsung might have up its sleeves. Perhaps, more manual control options will be added to the current Live Focus mode. This is, however, nothing more than our own speculative interpretation.

Mind you, it is no secret Samsung will try to wow the world with the Galaxy S10’s camera setup. After all, every single S10 variant will have two or more cameras on the back, with the big Galaxy S10 Plus even sporting a triple or quad-camera setup. Also, aside from the release of one or two cheap devices in the Galaxy M series, we fully expect the Galaxy S10 to be Samsung’s next big device to hit the market. The launch of the Galaxy S10 is expected to take place on or around February 20, with the release in early March.

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