Trademarks reveal Samsung’s cryptocurrency plans for its Galaxy devices


Last updated: December 11th, 2018 at 09:14 UTC+01:00

In the European Union, Samsung has filed three trademark applications revealing plans for blockchain and cryptocurrency software for its phones. The terms Blockchain KeyStore, Blockchain key box and Blockchain Core leave little to the imagination.

Samsung blockchain trademarks surface

Over at the European Union Intellectual Property Office, three notable trademark applications have surfaced that reveal Samsung’s fresh blockchain plans, as per Galaxy Club. Paperwork for the applications for Blockchain KeyStore (PDF), Blockchain key box (PDF) and Blockchain Core (PDF) was filed yesterday, with publication following this morning.

The applications do not reveal any real details, other than the fact the trademarks indeed belong to phone-related software or services: ‘Smartphones; Software applications for use with mobile devices; Computer software platforms; Application software.

Recently, HTC launched a ‘blockchain phone’ called the Exodus 1, which can only be bought with Bitcoin. That device’s main purpose is to keep your cryptokeys safe. Samsung’s new trademarks (KeyStore in particular) seem to suggest similar functionality. Though Samsung is looking to jump on the crypto bandwagon, it does seems unlikely the South-Koreans will launch an entire device just for this purpose.

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