What do Samsung, LeBron, and Bugs Bunny have in common? Blockchain, of course


Last updated: July 14th, 2021 at 18:58 UTC+02:00

Samsung Next is going all in on NF…T? Well, Space Jam is back, that much, we’re sure of. As for how this all fits together, the South Korean giant announced this week that it participated in a round of seed funding benefitting Nifty.

It’s a Florida company whose next series of digital tokens is launching in a few days, commemorating the release of Space Jam: A New Legacy. More specifically, it is the Californian Samsung Next that has just invested in the franchise. In partnership with Warner Brothers, no less.

How do blockchain, Samsung, LeBron, and… some fungible… thingies fit together?

The deal revolves around history’s very first social NFT platform. That’s short for “non-fungible token.”

Samsung’s blockchain investments have been picking up momentum in recent times. From anti-counterfeiting technologies and secure file transfers to traditional use cases such as payments, the company appears to be quire eager to speed up the coming of the all-digital currency era.

As for this escapade with Bugs Bunny, Space Jam: A New Legacy is dropping into theaters and on HBO Max this Friday. It’s a bit of a shame Samsung couldn’t work out a content deal here, but Nifty’s future seems to be a bright one, so who knows what’s next in store for them. Besides Samsung, that is, whose reps were quite bold in asserting that Nifty is all but ready for “explosive growth” in the near future.

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