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Another digital art NFT platform is coming to Samsung smart TVs


Last updated: September 15th, 2022 at 14:24 UTC+02:00

Samsung smart TVs will soon offer a new way for customers to buy, store, and view NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The digital art platform ArtToken is reportedly coming to Samsung smart TVs as a dedicated app.

The ArtToken NFT TV app was developed “on Samsung’s expanded SmartThings platform […].” according to ArtToken CEO Hong Ji-sook (via The Korea Herald). The app was showcased at IFA 2022 in Berlin for a few days, but it’s unclear when it will become available for download. In any case, the platform can display the user’s NFT art collection on Samsung’s smart TVs, although details on which smart TV models support the platform are unknown.

Not the first Samsung partnership with NFT platforms

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time for NFTs and Samsung smart TVs to come together. Earlier this year, Nifty Gateway announced the integration of its NFT platform with Samsung’s 2022 QLED and Neo QLED premium TVs. The company also launched a standalone app for The Frame and Samsung’s MicroLED TVs.

ArtToken’s NFT platform could become available for the same Samsung TV models as Nifty Gateway. NFT fans already have access to thousands of digital art pieces and collectibles through Samsung’s smart TVs, but more options can’t hurt. According to a Samsung official cited by the Korean media, “the best way to simply display a TV’s technological superiority is to realistically express natural landscapes or artworks digitally.”

Samsung smart TVs are now becoming more than just a portal to your favorite shows and movies. The company released the Gaming Hub for 2022 smart TVs earlier this year, enabling cloud gaming for almost everyone, and Samsung’s lifestyle TVs can tap into a rich collection of artworks via the Art Store.

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