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Samsung files AR World and other trademarks

Samsung has filed for protection of three new AR-related trademarks in the European Union, reminding us of the company’s augmented reality plans.

Samsung AR World

In the past years, it seemed Samsung’s augmented reality plans were usually bigger than their actual AR products. In between their Odyssey mixed reality headset and the Galaxy S9’s AR Emoji, we have heard rumors about AR glasses and seen extended cooperation with Google in this domain. More recently, Samsung showcased its Project Whare AR cloud service. Now, three trademark filings suggest we inch closer to the release of new products to a larger audience.

In the European Union, Samsung filed applications for the trademark AR World (PDF), and for advertising slogans ‘No boundaries, endless possibilities’ (PDF) and ‘Fully integrated to fully immersive’ (PDF). All three applications share the same broad product description that includes, amongst other things, VR headsets, smart glasses, and mobile telephones.

samsung ar world trademarks

As usual, we do not learn any concrete product details, so we will file these applications under ‘Samsung yet-to-be-realized AR plans’. It does seem likely we will learn more early in 2019, possibly during the Unpacked event that is likely scheduled on February 20. Of course, the upcoming Galaxy S10 will be the star of that show, but it just might be an appropriate occasion to showcase new AR products to a general audience.

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I tried the AR on my friends iPhone. You can feel and look a bit stupid walking around with a phone in front of your face playing a game and it’s not very intuitive to use. People are laughing at you too!! haha! Maybe with a headset it will be better as your hands are free. I got the new Gear VR free with my S9 plus from Samsung as a present , it arrived about a week ago and I’m really liking it a lot. Lots of very good free games and experiences. I was surprised how BIG the… Read more »