New Samsung AR headset and AR Cloud service may debut at SDC 2018

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Last updated: November 6th, 2018 at 08:45 UTC+01:00

A new Samsung AR headset might be on the agenda at the Samsung Developer Conference 2018.  Samsung will focus quite a bit on augmented reality at its developers’ conference this week. There are six AR-related sessions on the conference’s agenda. Two will go into detail about how developers can create AR Emojis for Samsung’s smartphones. Furthermore, Samsung will unveil Project Whare at the event. It’s an AR Cloud initiative developed in the Samsung Next incubator.

New Samsung AR headset at SDC 2018

A spokesperson for the company told Variety that Project Whare will get a “soft roll-out” at SDC 2018. The company is looking to gather feedback from potential audiences and industries. Samsung has described Project Whare in job listings as “cross platform developer services that will power multi-user, shared AR experiences and applications at scale” which will “enable a new generation of augmented reality applications.”

This isn’t an entirely new idea. That’s because companies like Google and Magic Leap have been working on AR clouds as well. The idea is to create persistent AR experiences so that they are available to multiple users simultaneously. Project Whare will be the platform that allows multiple AR devices, developers and users to access shared information and virtual assets placed in the real world. This will lead to a collection of AR content from Samsung. Hence it will persist beyond separate apps that individual users utilize.

The new Samsung AR headset will certainly be a part of this platform as well. Samsung Developer Conference 2018 takes place November 7-8. We’ll be in San Francisco, California, to bring you the latest news from the event. Samsung will also be announcing improvements for Bixby at the event in addition to revealing the foldable smartphone’s UI.

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