Breaking: Samsung to reveal Android Pie, foldable display UX at SDC!

Samsung just made two important revelations through the Samsung Developers Conference 2018 app. The company’s schedule for SDC 2018 will include a dedicated session where it will reveal its new Android 9.0 Pie beta program and tell us how its new foldable displays will make new user experiences possible.

Samsung’s foldable displays are the future

The Galaxy S9 Pie beta program was expected to start during SDC, and while Samsung may only give us a glimpse at the new Android Pie user interface at the conference, there is no reason the company won’t kick things off at the same time or in the next few days. But the more important part here is that Samsung has given us further confirmation that it will show off how its foldable device will shape the company’s future.

Samsung has already dropped hints about this, and the SDC app confirms that we should at least be able to see conceptual images of the first foldable Galaxy phone and its user interface later this week. The Korean giant will also reveal more about the Galaxy Home, its Bixby-powered AI speaker, and many other services and apps. We will have boots on the ground at the developer conference on November 7 and 8, so be sure to tune in to see what Samsung has in store for everyone!

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