Samsung drops a not-so-subtle hint about upcoming foldable phone

Samsung fans are looking forward to the unveiling of the company’s foldable phone. It’s expected to provide a preview of the handset’s unique UI at SDC 2018 this week. Whether or not we will get to see the actual device remains a mystery right now.

There have been countless reports about the design of this device. Samsung has now dropped a hint that’s not subtle by any stretch of the imagination. It clearly hints at the in-folding design of this much-awaited device.

Samsung drops a hint about the foldable phone design

A recent report revealed that the foldable phone will have a 7.3-inch foldable internal OLED display. There will also be a 4.6-inch external OLED display. The in-folding internal display will hide completely when the device is folded and the external display will thus enable it to double as a smartphone.

Samsung is hinting at that in-folding design on its official Facebook page. It has changed the profile picture on its main Facebook page with its logo that’s folded in. It’s clearly a not so subtle hint about the in-folding design of its foldable phone. Samsung has also added the same logo to its official Twitter account as well. It’s clearly hyping up the impending unveiling of this much-awaited device.

The company is reportedly working on a unique Android user interface for this device with Google. We have exclusively revealed that the firmware has primarily been developed in the United States. We can expect to get a preview of that user interface at the Samsung Developer Conference 2018 this week. We’ll be on the ground in San Francisco to bring you the latest updates from the event.

Samsung is not expected to actually release its foldable phone before early next year. Its mobile boss DJ Koh has previously said that the foldable smartphone will be a high-end device. He has also said that the device will be released globally. No word as yet on how much it’s going to cost.

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