Additional Samsung foldable display phone details surface

We have been hearing about the Samsung foldable display phone for the past few years. The company only recently acknowledged that it’s developing this device and as a result, it’s going to show a sneak peek of the device’s unique user interface at SDC 2018 next week.

A new report from South Korea brings some additional details about the device. Samsung has apparently finalized the display specifications for its foldable smartphone. Samsung’s mobile boss DJ Koh has previously said that the device will double as a tablet and a phone.

Additional Samsung foldable display phone details

Samsung reportedly had to decide between adding an external display or not. An external display would make sense as users could access core features without having to unfold the device, therefore, it would really allow the device to double as a smartphone and tablet.

The disadvantage is that the device would be thicker and require more power. Consequently, the cost of the additional display panel would make it more expensive. If Samsung decided not to add an external display, the device would be thinner and cheaper. The battery need not be as big due to the power requirement not being higher.

Samsung has reportedly decided to add the external display. Its foldable smartphone is now said to feature a 7.3-inch foldable internal OLED and a 4.6-inch external OLED display. This would truly allow the device to function as a tablet/smartphone hybrid.

The hinge will fold the internal display to the extent that the two panels touch each other with just a little space in between to prevent them from shattering easily on impact. Parts for the Samsung foldable display phone will reportedly enter mass production this month. We have also exclusively revealed that the firmware for a device that’s potentially the foldable phone is now being tested in the US.

Expect Samsung to provide more information about the device at SDC 2018 from November 7-8. It will release the device at some point next year if reports are believed.

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