The foldable Samsung smartphone might not go on sale this year

The boss of Samsung’s mobile division DJ Koh recently said that the company is going to unveil its much-awaited foldable smartphone at the Samsung Developer Conference in November. This led many to believe that the handset may be available for purchase soon after its unveiling. Multiple reports out of South Korea today are suggesting that the foldable Samsung smartphone may not go on sale this year despite being announced.

Foldable Samsung smartphone

Amid reports that Huawei is aiming to unveil its foldable smartphone in the coming months, Samsung reiterated its desire to become the first company to launch a proper folding smartphone. Koh said that the handset would be publicly revealed at the upcoming developer event. It was far from a confirmation that the foldable Samsung smartphone would be available for purchase soon after it’s announced. A Samsung official cited in a report today out of South Korea claims that the company’s stance about the release of this device is not yet confirmed.

The official only acknowledged that Samsung will have more to say about the phone by the time SDC takes place. “We will have more to say about the phone under development by that time, probably some details about specifications,” the official said. Samsung will reportedly showcase a prototype of its foldable smartphone in November while the handset itself would be officially announced at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 or the Mobile World Congress 2019 in January and February next year, respectively.

Fans who were holding out on hope that they would be able to purchase a foldable Samsung smartphone this year would not be happy to hear that they will now have to wait for a few more months. It appears that Samsung will only be revealing more information about the device’s specs and perhaps show off its design. The foldable smartphone may only be ready for public release at some point early next year. No word as yet on how much this device is going to cost and in what markets it’s going to be released.

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