Samsung to finalize foldable phone design soon, unique UI being developed

Samsung is due to provide a sneak peek of its foldable smartphone next month at SDC 2018. A new report has revealed additional details about the design. It also mentions that this device may feature a unique user interface.

Earlier reports had suggested that perhaps the device may be shown off at SDC 2018. The development is reportedly ongoing. This would prevent Samsung from showing off a final version of the device. A team of engineers is said to accompany Samsung’s mobile boss DJ Koh to SDC 2018 next month. They will help present a “detailed conceptual image” of the device and highlight its features/UI.

One of two prototypes will become the final foldable phone design

Bloomberg reports that Samsung is debating on two prototypes to finalize the design. One that’s longer horizontally when unfolded and the other vertically. Designers are said to favor the portrait type design more as it would be easier to hold with one hand. That’s despite the possibility that the display may feel narrower when folded out.

It won’t have an in-display fingerprint sensor like the Galaxy S10 as flexible displays present technical challenges which prevent that. There will be a 4-inch external display so users can access notifications, emails, messages, etc without folding out the display.

The screens reportedly open with a snap like the popular Motorola Razr flip phone did but it would feel smoother. They are coated with a film similar to ones used in photography instead of glass. Some within Samsung are concerned that it may not be as glossy as many users prefer.

The foldable phone prototype reportedly weighs 200 grams due to the bigger displays. Samsung may have to put a smaller battery in to make the device lighter. The hinge for the screens has passed internal tests of folding more than 200,000 times and meets the threshold for durability.

The report doesn’t just reveal details about the foldable phone design. It mentions that Samsung and Google are working on a special version of Android for this device. Its final user interface will depend on one of the two designs that’s finalized.

Samsung is not expected to be able to launch the foldable smartphone before the second quarter of next year.

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