Breaking: Samsung kills the notch, showcases possible Galaxy S10 display

Notch? What’s that? Samsung has been openly critical of the notch-bearing displays we see on the iPhone and every Android phone under the sun, and it looks like the company won’t change its stance next year. At the Samsung OLED Forum conference on October 18 in China, Samsung revealed its new display technology, which will have everything from a fingerprint sensor to the camera modules underneath the panel instead of requiring a notch to accommodate them.

Galaxy S10’s bezel-less display and features revealed?

Galaxy S10 display

Many patents have already hinted at the Korean giant implementing fingerprint sensors and selfie cameras under the display, and it looks like all of it could soon be seen on an actual device. And the chances of that device being the Galaxy S10 are pretty high. Again, the best part would be the fact that Samsung isn’t taking the path that other manufacturers have taken and putting a notch on its next flagship. Samsung’s new display technology will also have the ability to transmit sound, although it’s unclear if Samsung is talking about regular speakers or something like bone conduction technology for transmitting sound to the user’s ears during calls.

What Samsung’s new technology doesn’t seem to support is something like Apple’s Face ID, or 3D face scanning as it’s more generally called. While a fingerprint sensor under the display would be great to have, some might not take kindly to the lack of a 3D scanner on the Galaxy S10, especially since it can be quite a fast way of authentication. Iris sensors are still more secure, but 3D scanning can be noticeably faster and more accurate even in low-light. Of course, there’s no telling exactly what the Galaxy S10 will have and what it won’t, but we’re certainly intrigued by what Samsung Display seems to have in store for us.

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