Exclusive: Galaxy F series revealed, will this be the foldable phone?

We have some exclusive details today about the much-rumored Galaxy F series. Samsung was first rumored to be developing a Galaxy F lineup back in 2013 but it hasn’t made one yet. This moniker has been attached to the company’s foldable smartphone in recent months. Some believe that the foldable device will mark the beginning of Samsung’s Galaxy F series.

Samsung is going to provide a sneak peek of the foldable device at SDC 2018 next week. It may not be a proper unveiling as it isn’t expected to launch its foldable smartphone until early next year. There’s also the possibility that this moniker may be used for an entirely different device.

Details about the Galaxy F series

The first device in the Galaxy F series may bear model number SM-F900U. It would make sense for the company to start the model codes with 900 much like it did with the flagship Galaxy S series. Even the earliest rumors about this series have suggested that the Galaxy F devices will be premium handsets.

Firmware version F900USQU0ARJ5 is now being tested for this device in the United States. It’s being tested on all major mobile networks in the country and the firmware itself appears to have been largely developed in the United States.

It suggests that this could be the foldable phone since Samsung is working on a unique version of the Android UI for this device in partnership with Google. Samsung has its US headquarters in San Francisco which is where it will be hosting its annual developers’ conference next week.

We can also confirm that this device will ship with 512GB of internal storage. Samsung’s mobile boss has already hinted at the foldable phone being a high-end device. It will also have dual-SIM support.

Samsung will soon begin testing firmware for the European and Asian variants of this device – SM-F900F and SM-F900N – respectively. This shows that it will be a global device. Samsung’s boss has also confirmed that the foldable phone will be a global device.

The other possibility

There’s a good chance that this may be the foldable smartphone but one has to consider all possibilities. Recent reports have suggested that Samsung is building a gaming smartphone. That will also be a high-end device which will be released across the globe. There is a chance that the Galaxy F series may be for the gaming smartphone.

What do you feel the Galaxy F moniker will be used for? Does it seem more appropriate for the foldable device? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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