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[Poll Results!] Are you looking forward to purchasing Samsung’s foldable device?


Last updated: November 26th, 2018 at 14:28 UTC+02:00

It’s been a few years since we have been hearing about Samsung working on a foldable smartphone. Last week, Samsung finally gave us a glimpse of what the device will look like. Well, we don’t fully know what it will look like, but we do know that it can effortlessly transform from a phone to a tablet and back again to a phone. And come 2019, this foldable device will, at long last, make it to retail stores.

Samsung’s foldable device, which will possibly be launched as part of the new Galaxy F lineup, will be limited in availability. It will also command an exorbitant price tag, as such an advanced mobile device is expected to. Recent reports suggest the price could start at nearly $1,800, which means buyers of the device will join an elite and exclusive club while the rest of us wait for the foldable form factor to become more affordable in the coming years.

But should the price not be an obstacle for you, are you excited for and interested in picking up Samsung’s first foldable phone (or foldable tablet, depending on how you look at it)? That’s the question we’re asking today. Be sure to leave a comment to let us and other readers know your thoughts once you’ve voted in the poll.

Results: 39 percent of voters said they aren’t looking forward to buying the foldable phone, while 38 percent say they will have to wait for the full device and pricing reveal before they can say for sure. Only 22 percent say they’re interested in getting the Galaxy F, and while it’s not that small a number, it’s probably not as big as Samsung would like.

Are you looking forward to purchasing Samsung's foldable device?
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