Foldable Samsung phone may be a limited edition device

Much has been said and written about the foldable Samsung phone. The company offered a glimpse of its display panel last month but didn’t show the actual device. It’s expected to properly unveil the foldable smartphone early next year.

Samsung will only confirm the availability details for the device at that point in time. What the reports so far have suggested is that the device will be produced in limited numbers. A new report reiterates that only one million units of the device will be made.

One million units may be produced of the Foldable Samsung phone

Samsung mobile CEO DJ Koh has himself said previously that the company will produce one million units of the foldable phone. He has also mentioned that the device will be released globally. A new report claims that the foldable Samsung phone will be a limited edition device.

This could mean that the company may not be planning to produce units beyond the one million target even if there’s demand. The initial production volume will be enough to roll out the device globally. It would not be substantial enough to cause big monetary losses for Samsung if it struggles to sell the device.

It may very well struggle to do that. Some reports suggest that the foldable Samsung phone won’t exactly be cheap. The rumored price tag is as high as $2,500. Samsung won’t find many takers for the device at that price except the most loyal of fans and enthusiasts.

The report mentions that Samsung will be marketing the device to middle-aged professionals, preferably those in their 40s. The target market appears to be customers who are performing well in their careers and have the means to spend more than an average customer on a mobile device.

This means that it may also position the device as more of a workhorse than something primarily meant for entertainment. It’s all just speculation at this point since none of this has been officially confirmed by Samsung yet.


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