Samsung foldable smartphone release date may be in March 2019

According to a new report out of South Korea, the Samsung foldable smartphone release date might be scheduled for March 2019. Samsung showed off its Infinity Flex foldable display last week at its annual developers’ conference in San Francisco.

Samsung mobile CEO DJ Koh has said that the company will produce one million units of the foldable smartphone initially. It will decide based on the market’s response if production is to be ramped up thereafter.

Samsung foldable smartphone release date

Samsung didn’t unveil its much-awaited foldable smartphone at SDC 2018. It only offered a look at the foldable display as the actual device was obscured in a black box. The company will begin mass producing the foldable display in a matter of months. This obviously means that the handset won’t arrive before 2019.

The report claims that the Samsung foldable smartphone release date will be set for March 2019. The Galaxy S10 is due to arrive in February while its 5G variant may be launched alongside the foldable device in March. Industry sources claim that Samsung hasn’t decided on a price for the device. 2 million won or over $1,700 will reportedly be the price tag.

Samsung is not likely to find a lot of takers for the smartphone at that price with enthusiasts and fans being the exception. The steep price tag would be understandable since this is a first generation product. Furthermore, manufacturing the foldable AMOLED panel isn’t exactly going to be cheap. Samsung will be able to bring the price down in subsequent iterations of the device so it may be a couple of years before the foldable smartphone becomes more of a mass market device.

Will you be interested in picking up the device even if it costs almost $2,000? Or would you rather wait until the price comes down in a couple of years? Let us know in the comments below.

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